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The lingering, overbearing, disappointing, and completely overdone at this point, idea that one must be appealing and maintain a tiny figure is heavy. What do you do when no one can be pleased, and almost everyone hates your "rebellious" and "vulgar" actions? Question your every move, thought, or idea..? 

Absolutely not.


You fight, laugh, argue, hiss, riot, and debate against the pressures because differences need to be celebrated. And you do so with what you have.


Pressing my body against these materials, they begin to crease, crinkle, and smear.  Creating something that was once considered "perfect" is now "unappealing", as some have said. "Why would you do that? You can see the wrinkles and body hair."


I do it because it's real. It's me. No editing, no planning, just my body with every dream and imperfection intertwined beyond repair. Simultaneously revealing so much and so little, a portrait of a person can be so liberating. It can also be misleading.

As I pull the wet paint away, the urge to create as I feel the paint dry with every pressing second, grows significantly. How much can a painting say about oneself? And how much does an artist wish to reveal within each portrait?

acrylic paint, lipstick, and ink. 2018 - ongoing


INK, Acrylic, & CHARCOAL

Shadow Self-Portrait, Right Breast. 2018. Charcoal, ink, acrylic, and sharpie on canvas.



Blue No. 3

Yellow No. 1

Pressed Peaches

Shadow Self-Portrait, Right Breast

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