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Waayyy up north. Ya, I'm talking about Michigan. Have you been close to the water up there? Or surrounded by her greenery?


There is something about this place. I can't explain it. You just have to be there... 


'The Stunning High Rollaways'
'Fishing In The Pads'
'Can You Hear That?'
'Keep Pickin' Until The Water Line'
'In The Cherry Trees'
'Made You Look'
'A Warm & Sunny Field'
'Falling Into The Pano'
'Chelsea's Catch'
'Chelsea's Salmon'
'5:43am Fishing'
'Mission Point'
'Overlooking Sleeping Bear Dunes'
'Lush Mission Point'
'Michigan Yucca'
'Yucca's at Grandma's'
'Michigan Blues'
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