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 Don't Forget Us SFUAD! ~ P.H.

This series of pothole flower pots and disposable images bring attention to Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s tendency to disregard the college's campus and facilities care and upkeep. Year after year, I watched these potholes around campus grow in size and depth, never being addressed.


The title, Don’t Forget US SFUAD. - P.H. came from SFUAD's all too familiar focus on ludicrous projects than what should be considered a higher priority, such as upkeep and safety around campus.


Together with Omar Lazri, we built outdoor installations inside the potholes, including flowers, imitation caution tape, and an array of small signs. We figured, why not fill the potholes with something useful and enjoyable, something that will make you want to drive around instead of forcing you to.

One month after the initial pothole installation, asphalt had filled each of the potholes around campus. Every single small and large pothole was now filled with solid ground.

outdoor installation

'Pothole #4 Detail'
'Dumpster #3'
'Pothole #1'
'Pothole #4'
'Pothole #4 - Filled In'
'Pothole #5'
'Pothole #8'
'Pothole #6 - Filled In'
'Pothole #2 - Filled In'
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