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Hi. Welcome welcome. My name is Whitney Erin Wernick, and I was born in May 1995 in Fort Worth, TX. I am an American visual artist who shares my connection with nature, my body, and today's harsh yet beautiful world, using an unforgiving and in-your-face creative technique. My focus includes self-portraits, the natural world, exploring the female experience, fashion design, and abstract nude photography while highlighting the world's controversial, social, and environmental issues.
In collaborating with myself, nature, and others, I utilize each experience to uncover the softness and rarity that can lie within connection, self-love, vitality, and the human psyche. Inspired by Baroque, Impressionist, Surrealist, and Contemporary artists and poets, I evolve my identity daily through various mediums: oil and acrylic paints, inks, analog and digital photography, alternative processes (tintypes and cyanotypes), video, collage, handmade papers, installation (indoor and outdoor), mixed media, recycled materials, and natural paints using the earth, mineral pigments, and organic ingredients.

Exploring my creative side since I was a child, I have years of experience working with artists, musicians, jewelers, photographers, sculptors, galleries, private investors, non-profit arts organizations, and more as a photographer, editor, consultant, creative director, juror, marketing manager, and assistant. My work can be found in private collections, homes, and offices scattered around the United States.


Receiving a BFA in Photographic and Studio Art practices from the Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2018, I lived in and around Santa Fe, NM, for eight years before moving back to DFW, TX. While living in New Mexico, I had the opportunity to work and connect with several acclaimed creatives, including fashion, commercial, and fine art photographer Peter Ogilvie, sculptor Tom Joyce, Belle Fine Jewelry, and photographers Don Usner and Gabriella Marks, amongst others. I have worked with CENTER, a non-profit arts organization based in New Mexico with a mission to support socially and environmentally engaged lens-based projects since 2016. Starting as a volunteer for Review Santa Fe, I am currently the Programs Manager and am reminded every day of how necessary it is to document and share the many truths of the world.

I have participated on a panel of jurors for the Santa Fe Reporter Photo Awards (2024), CENTER's Blue Earth Fiscal Sponsorship (2023), the reFocus Black and White Photo Awards (2022), and CENTER's Social Award (2021) and have co-curated and had a hand in producing the CENTER exhibitions Climate Truth in the Anthropocene (2019), The Big Reveal (2019), Color Cue (2018), and Conjured Futures (2018).

On a more personal level, I have spent the last few years traveling between Texas, Michigan, Arkansas, and New Mexico, working to reconnect with my practice and family. 


I am available for commissioned and contract work, remote and in-person. Please contact me directly for information on purchasing custom designs, portfolios, and original works, or if you would like to work together on something a bit different.

Let's connect soon. xo

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© Gustavo Castilla

“She is never hesitant to speak out, and through her work, she is always pushing boundaries, which often forces the viewer to feel uncomfortable and to question their assumptions."


quote from the May 10, 2018, interview "The last of the graduates" for the Santa Fe New Mexican

“Simply WOW. I am not sure how she does it all, but she does! Thank You."


thank you!

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