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Taking me everywhere I need to go and occasionally places I shouldn't be, I'm not sure where exactly I would be without the two of them. Place yourself in my journey as we explore the world and its beautiful, odd, and terrifying ways.


images are a mix of phone, digital, and 35mm - prints available as 2x3" and 5x7 

YUUUUM | Andys Custard, TX
Easing Up to the Idea | MI
Feeding my Deer Friends | Traverse City, MI
Cheers Aunt Penney | Arbutus Lake, MI
Texas Toy Run Fun | Irving, TX
Stay Toasty My Friends | Fort Worth, TX
Tacos & Puppos | Fort Worth, TX
Racing into Chaos | Dallas, TX
Chill(y) Walk(ies) | Hot Springs, AR
Working with Michael Bergt | Santa Fe, NM
A Summer Stroll with Latem | Grapevine, TX
Crocs Were Hot | Fort Worth, TX
Searching for Love | Traverse City, MI
Just a Quick Dip | Nantasket Bay, MA
A Beautiful Day for a Wedding Indeed | Cohasset, MA
Paint it Blue  | Grapevine, TX
Walkin' with Latem | Hot Springs, AR
Walking on Thin Ice - Literally | Traverse City, MI
Rockin' | Traverse City, MI
Chillin' and Fishin' on Arbutus | Traverse City, MI
So Little for So Much  | Grapevine, TX
The Retreat & Retirement | Cleburne, TX
Rainy Day at the Winery | MA
Backyard Shenanigans | Grapevine, TX
Had a Rockin' Day with the Fam | MI
Smile Back | Hot Springs, AR
New Growth After the Rain | Grapevine, TX
Cooling Down | Dallas, TX
Cheers to Family | Hart, MI
Another Worm In Arbutus | Traverse City, MI
"For a Dreamer of Houses" at the Dallas Museum of Art | Dallas, TX
So Much on My Mind Out Here | Eldorado, NM

The images that started it all. Well, this series to say the least. 


Previously asking the viewer to look at me, the new images invite the viewer into my shoes and perspective.

Center of SFUAD | Santa Fe, NM
FUCK my journey | Grapevine, TX
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